What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai also referred as Thai boxing is a centuries - old martial art originated to serve the people of Siam (former name of Thailand) to defend themselves against invades from neighboring countries. The effectiveness of Muay Thai comes from the practitioners fluid use of hands, legs, elbows and knees against their attacker. Muay Thai was taken from the battlefield and transformed into an effective combat sport that is used for self-defense, competition and physical fitness.

Muay Thai also holds the moniker the science of eight limbs which can be learned by everyone. Its training methodology of honing skills by hitting the heavy bag, Thai pads, focus mitts, shadow boxing and progressive sparring makes Muay Thai an exciting martial art to learn. Practicing Muay Thai is great way to improve cardio vascular fitness, functional strength, decrease stress and above all else learn battle tested self-defense strategies.

Exciting Reasons Why You Should Learn Muay Thai:

• Develop Fight Ending Power In Punches, Kicks Elbows And Knees
• Have Fun While Burning Fat And Getting Into Incredible Shape
• Learn Techniques That Can Be Used In Many Self Defense Situations
• Increase Focus, Concentration And Learn To React Successfully In Stressful Situations

Jonesly MMA Muay Thai Program

Our Muay Thai Program is guided by former USMTA Heavyweight Semi-Pro League Champion and Certified Kru, Jonesly Theus. Our program has a structured curriculum that enforces sound understanding of basic through advanced techniques along with the strategies to apply them in combat. Members will be able to track their progression with our Muay Thai belt systems that tracks progression of skills with a color coded arm band, the Pra Jaid. This Program is designed to progressively challenge members in a fun, friendly and safe environment that will drive them to reach their untapped potential.

December 15, 2017