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The school’s core focus of martial arts is an eclectic approach to Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu with specific elements of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and judo.



Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy is Norwalk’s Premier source of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, KIckboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Sport Karate, Wrestling, Judo  and Mixed Mixed Martial Arts training in Fairfield County. The School is located in Norwalk on the 2nd floor of 61 Main Street between Hoyt Street and Cross Street directly across the street from NAPA Auto Parts. The school’s core focus of Martial Arts is an eclectic approach to Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu with specific elements of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and judo. You may be asking what will I learn in Muay Thai? The ancient combat sport of Muay Thai will teach you how to skillful strike  with eight limbs of your body ( 2 fist, 2 elbows, 2 knees and 2 shins). The elusive footwork you will learn from Boxing, Kickboxing, Sport Karate and Muay Thai allows you to strike in various ranges in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. These blends of effective techniques makes Mixed Martial Arts a great system for self defense. You also may be asking what is Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an intelligent martial art created to over come the brute strength of an aggressive attacker with the skillful employment of positional control, joint manipulation and strangulation. Adding the specific blend of Wrestling and Judo within the over all core of Brazilian jiu-jitsu allow students to control and direct the phases of a competitive fight as made evident form the empirical data gathered form UFC events. Using all these martial arts in combination allow student to navigate the phases of a Mix Martial Arts completion which are Shootboxing, Clinching, Wall Clinching and Ground fighting with strikes which I term Jits with hits. If you live in Norwalk and are looking for a MMA school near me Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy promises to teach you the necessary skills needed to defend yourself, prepare you for competition if that is a desired goal (No student is pressured to compete) and most importantly provide a fun, stress free environment that fosters rapid learning and camaraderie.  


Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy’s mission is to provide an experience that promotes self-determination, self-improvement, and self empowerment to assist its members’ with reaching their true potential through Martial Arts practice. Our academy offers a positive environment that focuses on building members mental and physical ability to help overcome life’s adversities. We accomplish this by providing a fun, friendly and family oriented atmosphere with instructors that are committed to progressively challenging members to achieve their martial arts goals.

Six Reasons To Learn Mixed Martial Arts

Learn Proven Techniques

Training Without Fear of Injury

Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

Develop Mental Toughness

Increase Functional Strength

Fun and Family Oriented Environment


We offer 12 classes per week with programs designed to fit your skill level from beginner with no experience to professional athlete. Our friendly instructors are dedicated to help all members achieve their desired martial arts goal.



Membership Pricing Available Inquire Within 
* Limited Time Offer


$ 39.99*
  • Individual Class
  • Access To Professor Jonesly
  • Great For Beginners
  • Supervised Safe Environment
  • Sports Training Expertise
  • Optimized Athletic Performance

4 Class Package

$175.00 $ 139.99*
  • Almost a 20% Savings
  • Access To Professor Jonesly
  • Great For Individuals With Busy Schedules
  • Best Package For Returning Students To Refresh Their Skills
  • Must Use Within 30 Days


$ 199.99*
  • Best Savings
  • Access to Professor Jonesly
  • Must Use Within 30 Days of Purchase
  • Allow Students To Progrsss and Elevate Their Skills
  • Best Package For Returning Students

Client Reviews

Testimonials Jonesly MMA

I have been training with Kru Jonesly for some time now and I have seen my skill and performance exceed what I thought possible for myself. I first came to Jonesly MMA looking for quality training to compete and really elevate my skill. The environment is relaxed and has grown to a second home for me! He is amazing with giving individual attention to his students as well as class instruction. The gym itself very well taken care of, clean and put together always! If you thinking about attending I would jump right at it. You definitely won’t regret it!

Peter F



Most frequent questions and answers
  • I’ve made it “SUPER EASY”  to get You started on Your Mixed Martial Arts Journey by taking away all risk and placing it solely on my shoulders. 
  • Step # 1: Click on the Red Start Your Free Trail button on the website RIGHT NOW to schedule a free private lesson with our highly trained instructors.
  • Step # 2: Come into your scheduled Free Private Lesson where a Qualified Instructor will sit down and discuss your Specific Individualized MMA GoalsAssess Your Fitness level, and Teach You “Battle Tested” MMA Techniques For Self Defense.   
  • Step # 3: Once the best program has been determined based on your assessment. You will have several affordable class packages to choose from.
  • You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation in several seconds as notification that your request has been received. If  you have not received your confirmation e-mail, please check your junk mail folder. If it’s not in the junk mail folder, please check if you provided the correct e-mail a typo may have been inputed. 
  • A confirmation text will be sent on the day of your appointment as reminder

No experience is required to participate in our classes. We have classes for beginners intermediate and advance students. The free private lesson we provide is an opportunity to assess potential students and determine which class they are best suited for.

  • MMA 101… Student will be introduced to basic techniques and body movements of both Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu in a stress free environment. Basic skills will be honed in this class to allow Advancement to the Foundation classes.
  • Muay Thai Foundation… Students will learn an eclectic approach to Muay Thai that incorporate certain aspects of boxing, karate and kickboxing. Skills will be developed through the use of focus mitts, heavy bags, Thai pads, partner drills, speed ball, strategy sessions and sparring.
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu… Student will continue to learn specific body movements that will allow increased understanding of various techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Many Techniques such as takedown, positions, transitions and submission will be learned through partner drilling and progressive live grappling. 

To manage social distancing we require customers to scheduled a free private lesson using the button below.

Equipment needs are determined by the classes you take. Brazilian Jujitsu classes require a Gi also known as a Kimono, groin protector, chest protector for females, mouthpiece, rash guards and spats to worn underneath the Gi/kimono. In Muay Thai classes a variety of shorts can be worn, Muay Thai shorts, fight shorts and Vale Todo shorts. A school T-shirt must be worn in Muay Thai classes once a member. Boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guard, groin protector and chest protector for females. All equipment can be purchased at the Pro Shop in the school.

NO… MMA is recreational sport that requires students to develop skills in Muay Thai, Boxing, KickBoxing, Wrestling, Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When trained properly and safely injuries are greatly reduced.

Yes, our minimum age requirement is 7 years old but an evaluation is required to determine a child’s ability to follow directions.


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