Why did it go so wrong? Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov post fight review.

Why did it go so wrong? Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov post fight review

First and foremost the actual fight was a great.

The question of which fighter  would dictate the pace, set ups and direction of the fight was answered. Khabib who is usually a forward pressure fighter initially played a defensive strategy using his foot work and appropriate defensive hand techniques to maintain appropriate distance form McGregor left hand.

When the time was right Khabib shot in for the low single (wrestling single leg takedown technique) and eventual take McGregor down through various transitions. Although McGregor’s initial wrestling defense was good but not good enough to over come Khabib’s nightmare pressure on the ground. The fist round set the tone of the entire fight Khabib was able to take away Conor McGregor’s main tool the killer left hand by zapping his energy through relentless takedowns and ground and pound.

What surprised everyone especially Conor McGregor  was Khabib’s over hand right that wobbled the Irishman and led to a devastating ground and pound  melee in the 2nd round. In my opinion I believe Khabib took the third round off from the take downs and McGregor was able to land some effective strikes to keep Khabib at bay but not enough to cause significant damage. The fourth round was the final nail in the coffin for McGregor.

Khabib was able to close the distance quickly and take McGregor down and eventually submit him with a neck crank modified rear naked choke with an gabble grip. As I said a great fight from both competitors but like in Highlander (one of my favorite movies) there can only be one. Khabib Nurmagomedov maintain in undefeated win steaks as the light weight champion.

The craziness that ensued after the fight was disappointing and gives a black eye to the sport.

Everyone is to blame form the UFC promotion and both men. The gentlemen sport, the gentlemen etiquette and  the Martial Arts integrity has been lost. The current culture of the UFC is to sale exciting fight by any means necessary, if drama is attached and lines are crossed so what.

If negative drama brings people to the seats and PPV numbers have been broken that all that matters. If there is no regulation and rules to follow, anarchy will ensue and fighter will continue to push the boundaries to sell fights. Fighter’s emotions will boil over because ethical line will continue to be crossed and thing will get even uglier. The sport will no longer be a sport it will be a spectacle like the gladiator movie.

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