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True Confidence

As parents, one of the main concerns we have for our children is the development of self-confidence, inner strength, self awareness and the ability to handle stress and stressful situations.

One of our objectives at Jonesly MMA is to provide the right attitude and surroundings for the foundation of self-confidence and inner strength.  Any adult, young adult, or child can learn to hit or kick in a particular way to potentially hurt an opponent. That’s not the hard part.

The more fun and equality gratifying aspect of being an MMA instructor is understanding that every human being wants the ability to have self-confidence and inner strength. When learning the various techniques of striking, kicking, and maneuvers, we find that even children begin to see the value of knowing ones strength at any level. Knowing that anyone can defend himself/herself  during a potentially awkward situation provides a limitless possibility of understanding oneself.

We frequently have conversations with parents with respect to developing the right level of confidence in children while learning martial arts.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching the progression of children as they mature and recognize their own strength, confidence, and the power to believe in oneself.

When you are ready to speak to us about your children’s involvement in developing their confidence level, click the red start your free trial today button to schedule a free private lesson in the available time slots or call 203- 939-1170 to schedule your appointment over the phone.

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