Power Comes From The Hips

If you are a veteran martial artist the phrase “Power Comes From The Hip” is common place, especially in the boxing gym. That’s was the common mantra I heard from my boxing instructors, Muay Thai instructors, BJJ professors and wrestling coaches. If all my coaches are saying the same thing then I have to listen.

What do they really mean? It’s all about generating kinetic energy through the kinematic chains of your body. What the “#$&%*!”

What is a kinematic chain you might be asking? It’s an assembly of rigid bodies connected by joints. If you dissect the techniques of punches or kicks your are basically generating kinetic energy from movement of rigid bodies such as your feet, legs, thigh, pelvis, spine, arms, forearms and fists.

The joints that connect the rigid bodies are your ankles, knees, hips, facets, shoulders, elbows and wrist joints aid in transmitting this kinetic energy into the desired strike.

I feel that the hip joint is a crucial link in the chain that helps propel the kinetic energy up into your fist for a punch or into your leg if it’s a kick.  Other components of  physics such as force, mass, acceleration, velocity, momentum and time play an important role when describing power but I would put you and myself to sleep if I were to explain this concept.

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