Mental Warfare

On the eve of UFC 225 there is a lot of mental warfare going on between fighters. Every fighter is looking for that edge to become victorious in combat. A select few fighters are looking to defeat their opponent before the first punch is thrown.


What do I mean? According to Lt. Col Dave Grossam in the book On Killing: The Psychological Cost Of Learning To Kill in War and Society. When confronted with aggression from our own species, the fight or flight stress of combat is expanded to include posturing and submission.


Let’s look at the component of posturing from the stand point of the face-off between two fighters the day before the fight. What are they doing? Both fighters go through a series of posturing actions through sight and sound to try and invoke fear and doubt into each other’s minds.


According to Lt.Col. Dave Grossman, when a man is frightened he stops thinking with his fore-brain (that is, with the mind of a human being) and begin to think with his mid-brain (that is, with the portion of the brain that is essentially indistinguishable from that of an animal).


The fighter that lets a hint of doubt settle into their mind will have a harder time switching up tactics during the fight to overcome an eventual problem set forth by the opposing fighter.

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