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Keeping Kids Cool and Active in the Summer Months

As the summer approaches, we wanted to spend a few minutes talking about how best to allocate the right time for kids and young adults to properly stay active and have an amazing time.

Kids are naturally active and want to be active.  Yes, there are the exceptions to the rule.  Generally speaking though, most kids actually enjoying running around and working up a good sweat.  Here are some suggestions for both the athletic and the not-so-athletic types in our lives.

Stay hydrated:  The sun can be brutal even if the summer has not officially begun.  Drink good fluids.  If possible, stay away from super sweet or sweetened drinks.  Some suggest the electrolyte path.  We suggest for parents to actively monitor the types of drinks your kids will ingest.  If the sugar contents out way the benefits of the electrolytes, then look for another sports drink.

Observe good warm up and stretching exercises prior to activity: If your child plans to join a league, a martial arts program, or get involved in other organized sport related activity, be sure you speak with the coach or instructor about the benefits of a good warm up and stretching routines. This will instill good habits and help to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Take breaks and rest well:  Even though we something think that our kids run on batteries, they still need rest and need to take plenty of breaks.  When kids begin to understand their bodies, they begin to play and compete smarter.

Activity equates to good endorphins:  All that great giggling and laughter is a response by the mind and body that the right things are happening to our children.  Not only are they maintaining good activity levels, their minds are getting a continuous boost of endorphins.

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