How MMA Can Create Confidence and Self-Reliance in Children

Attention Parents, one of the main concerns we have for our children when we are not around, is to protect them and their personal safety.

Do they have the ability to handle themselves in a stressful situations?

One of the main goals at Jonesly MMA, is to cultivate a child’s self-reliance through the progressive training in grappling, kicking boxing, wrestling and Muay Thai. True self-confidence and self-reliance is developed because the child has developed a skill overcome adversity.

The beauty of this skill is that it can be applied throughout the child’s life.

Personally, ¬†I was able to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy with the lessons learned about overcoming adversity through Martial Arts. Take a chance and Click on the Red Button for a free private lesson and start your child’s journey in self-reliance.

Our youth classes are offered for ages 8 to14.

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