Establish The Jab

As a beginner, the first day of sparring is an overwhelming experience.  Last week was a great example for my students.

When in doubt, established the jab. The Jab is a great technique to gauge distance and search for openings to land a closing technique. This method also works with the Muay Thai Teep, which are the straight kicks of Muay Thai.

The Teep works the same way as the boxing jab, which uses to gauge distance and search for openings. Using the Jab and the Teep in sparring are safe techniques that can be used to gauge distance, search openings as well as create openings for follow up techniques.

I remember my first day of sparring and one of my instructor Curtis Battle use to shout out on the sidelines, “use your jab to set up your kicks and use your kicks to set up your jab”.

I hope that was helpful for the beginner out there going through the overwhelming process of sparring.  As always click the link below to schedule a free one on one private lessons if you are interested in learning MMA.


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