Can MMA help you achieve your fitness goals?

Can MMA help you achieve your fitness goals?

Client Spotlight: Clarence

Meet Clarence, whom I was introduced to back in August of 2018. Clarence originally came to me with several questions and concerns regarding his overall health and how he could increase his fitness level, while working 40+ hours a week. Clarence has an extremely busy schedule between working full-time and being a devout husband and father of two. His daily schedule can often be so busy, that he forgets or is unsure of how to incorporate health and fitness.

Clarence’s three main goals were to:

  • lose weight
  • get in shape
  • build self-confidence

Being an MMA professional, I certainly encouraged Clarence to try a free private MMA lesson with me and see if it was something he enjoys and wants to incorporate into his weekly routine. We teach this full-body workout in digestible chunks, introducing and developing a proficient understanding of specific individual martial arts, primarily Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing, wrestling and judo. We then slowly combine these arts in specific transition, positions and scenario through drills and controlled sparring until student are proficiently versed in the 3 zone of fighting striking – clinching and ground.

Clarence has now been a client with me for almost six months and is seeing the results and self-confidence that he has been looking for. He has discovered how to incorporate fitness into his life, without spending long hours in the gym or running endless hours on a treadmill. Clarence has not only lost body fat, but also has:

  • Increased strength and mental toughness
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Improved body coordination and aerobic conditioning
  • Developed several friendships along the way!

Curious about incorporating MMA into your lifestyle?

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