Back Home For The Summer

Back Home For The Summer

Where To Train And Build New Friendships On Your Summer Vacation.

If you're like me, you like exploring new cities and meeting interesting people but hate being away from your martial arts academy. Vacations are about breaking up the monotony of your daily routine but nobody wants to come home fatter, weaker and (if you're like me) out of tune with your BJJ/Muay Thai Techniques.

Whether you’re back home from school for summer vacation or visiting the lovely city of Norwalk Connecticut, Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy is where to train.

In the young, electric neighborhood of downtown Norwalk,  Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy is an unintimidating gym with serious athletes and people determined to the train like the Pros of Mixed Martial Arts.

We offer world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes from certified brown belt under former UFC champion Matt Serra, as well as Muay Thai classes from USMTA semi pro champion Kru Jonesly.  Dr. Jonesly Theus is a Licensed Physical Therapist and is always on site to assist with sports related injuries.

We have world class BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai instruction, under one roof and a Doctor of Physical Therapy to boot to guide your sport specific workout routine and prevent injuries.

So, If you like me and hate to get out of shape during the summer break come by for a great workout, learn and sharpen your martial arts technique and create new friendships in the process.

Take advantage of our summer special 2 months for $200 dollars which is less than $9 dollars a class.

Let's stay in shape together!

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