New York Times Article: City Announces $8 Million Plan to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Some excerpts from a very relevant article in the New York Times: By ELIZABETH A. HARRISOCT. 30, 2017 A month after a fatal school stabbing by a student who said he was tormented by his classmates, the schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, said at a City Council hearing on Monday that…


Video: Mayweather vs. McGreggor -Denoentay Wilder says Mayweather is “ROBBING THE BANK”

Deneotay Wilder thinks the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor fight is simply a ploy for money.  Wilder believes Floyd has the clear strategic advantage over UFC lightweight Champ Connor McGregor. Unfortunately for McGregor, Wilder is not alone in his sentiments! Generally speaking, regarding Floyd v. McGreggor, McGreggor has a lot of…


Gergard Mousasi is Comparing Paychecks with other UFC Fighters – He’s NOT Happy

Top ranking middleweight fighter Gergard Mousasi recently took an evaluation of his UFC peers pay and he was shocked to find out where he fell in the line! Here is what Mousasi had to say: I just see that Vitor Beltfort  is making tons more money than me. I defeated Dan…