About Jonesly Theus

Dr. Jonesly Theus is the son of Haitian immigrants who came to America and settled in Queens, NY. Jonesly grew up in the rough streets of Jamaica Queens and was faced with many obstacles that he had to overcome. By the time he was twelve, Jonesly was beaten up and pushed around so regularly that he still has the scars to prove it. After years of being bullied and even contemplating suicide. Jonesly knew something had to change. Thankfully, along came Martial Arts and after his first taste in 1988, he knew that THIS would be the factor that would change the trajectory of his life. With a new found determination, Jonesly worked the entire summer to fund his lessons. Beyond the physical changes he began to see in himself, he recognized the his entire mental focus had shifted.

The lessons learned in the Martial Arts gym fueled a fire in Jonesly that has shaped the man he is today.  It gave him the courage and dedication to complete his doctorate in Physical Therapy and to go on to earn his title of Kru in 2003.  Jonesly holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and a black belt in Static’s Complete Martial Arts.  As a dynamically trained fighter, Jonesly simply has a passion and appreciation for the vast variety of fighting styles in the mixed martial arts world.  As a Kru, Jonesly’s goal is always to keep learning so he can give his students his best, a quality learned from his studies over the past 21 years.  Jonesly notably has gained knowledge  from distinguished teachers such as the late Master Curtis Battle, Professional Boxing trainer Reginald Ford, World Champion Muay Thai fighter Kru Luis Maisonet, Jr., New York State/Tri-State USMTA Muay Thai Champion Kru Esteban Maisonet, Former Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and Cage of Fury Champion Nick Serra.

Learning multiple styles of martial arts has shaped Jonesly’s approach to teaching.  His philosophy is  “no one method is better than the other; and if applied correctly they are all equally valid.”  With that philosophy in mind, Jonesly customizes his approach to teaching each and every student.   For Jonesly it is important to meet students exactly where they are today and guide them to where they want to be tomorrow. Jonesly is proud to offer a safe family friendly environment where students of all walks of life can learn to become their best self at Jonesly Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

December 20, 2017